Brian Martsolf (bigbrian_nc) wrote,
Brian Martsolf

Mousefest planning Spreadsheet -updated

I've added quite a few items to the Mousefest planning spreadsheet since I first posted about it, some of them are "informational only" as in they are there to remind me that these are possible things I could do at these times but I may or may not participate, for instance show times for Nova Era at DTD, other things have time conflicts but I'll try to find a way to work around them for instance a friend of mine is in a group that will be playing bells in the lobby of the Grand Floridian at 6PM and 7PM on Wednesday, well we have a 6PM reservation at Citricos I may try to see if I can push that back a little. Also I know i want to take in some live entertainment groups so where some of the meets are duplicate activities, with folks that I will be spending time with at other meets, I may choose between them for instance I have two meets schedules with the "Those darn Cats" crew on here and both of them are dupicates of some activities I also have listed with RADP (Mansion and Splash Mountain) i'm leaning towards doing Mansion with the cats crew, and Spalsh with RADP that will free up time Thursday Morning for Entertainment recording (when the cats will be doing Splash), and Sunday Afternoon while the RADP are doing mansion.


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