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Postcard Collecting Questions

As the guy who has the site that people tend to find when they search the terms "Walt Disney World Postcard" I sometimes get questions about postcards here are a few I have answered recently:

Brian Homenick asked about the postcards with the DASH in the number, in answering him I assumed from the context of the question that he was referring to the Standard size postcards with a dash in the number other than the ones from postcard booklets (as I really had already covered the ones from the booklets printing dates on the site in the chapter on those cards)
Let me ask you, When do you think or if you know when the ( I call them "dash" cards) cards with the - in the middle of the number came out? Because I realized they might have been mixed with the non banner regular cards. Because there are (from what I've seen) 3 different versions of Treasure Island, that park was only open between 1974-1976 but the brown back non banner cards were also out during that time with out a dash.
The earliest "Dash" cards are from 1975 and unlike other black inked dash cards printed later they have the "small castle" or "outline castle" icon at the bottom of the card, it looks like some of these cards appeared with this back until 1977, but I think it might be likely that the cards with this back that still seem to be sold later were little bits of this old stock that was printed in 1975.

A FEW of these dash cards have this script letters "POST CARD" printing on the right hand half of the back, I think the few cases where this appears were mistakes, and I think that part of the reason that this mistake was made was the fact that the same printer who printed the "dash" numbered cards (Dexter Press) also printed the postcard BOOKLET cards which ALL had this script on the back, and I'm guessing some of the press employees used to printing those may have included that lettering out of habit.

Many cards from that 1975 group received a new printing in the very next year, 1976.

Note that not only is the ink blue but the castle icon at the bottom of the card is the "large castle" or "solid castle" icon, it's probably better to go with the "large" and "small" designations since this icon is not entirely solid (it has openings for doorways and windows that are un-inked)
and that could lead to confusion.
Many of these blue backed cards appear all the way up to 1979, perhaps just excess stock left over from the 76 and 77 printings.

In 1978 and on into the 1980's a SOME cards were printed with backs that have Green Ink on the backs the Green ink is dark in many cases it could almost pass for black, and I have one case where I think it is black but still include it with these green inked backs, I include it with them for the fact that it has many other things in common with these Green inked cards, you see these green inked cards have a copyright in the Lower right hand corner (indicated by red arrow in scan above) all other cards in the "dash" series have the copyright in the lower LEFT hand corner under the caption. Another differance between this and earlier cards is the inclusion of the Registered Trademark symbol "®" after the Walt Disney World logo (see image below, for a close up, even though it is from a later black inked card).

In 1979 some of the cards they went BACK to Black inked backs, BUT there is a difference between these and the earlier black inked backs they as these 78 versions had the"Large Castle" icon.

One ODD thing about these 1979 Black inked cards is that they did not yet have the registered Trademark symbol "®" after the Walt Disney World logo.
in 1980 that was rectified and for the remaining years of printing "standard size" (3½" x 5½" cards) they seem to all have that logo.

At 02:33 PM 12/16/2008, Albert Palazzola wrote:

I was looking at your site (WDW: A History in Postcards). Under Chapter 10 The Animation Gallery Page 2: More Scenes from the Screen, I saw the sketch of Goofy on skiies (the one of him fallen); it is the second to last drawing on the page. I have that exact postcard framed along with a Walt Disney 1968 6-cent stamp. What, in your opinion do you think this is worth? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Although this is a question about value (actually one of the most common types of questions I receive) my answer delved into a lot of other aspects and seems a natural to add here.

Hi Albert
        Valuing WDW postcards is always tough, if I find them anywhere other than Ebay they are almost always under  $5, even on Ebay where all bets are off I, might BID more than $20 for a card I want particularly badly, but I might get it for under $5 or I might get outbid, there are just not all that many serious WDW postcard collectors, or at least not as compared to Disneyland postcard collectors, and additionally, there are fewer WDW cards that had "short" print runs, for collectors like me who collect ALL variants of a card it  is a bit harder as there might be 2 or 3 backs for that card front you described. Sorry I can't give you a simple, firm answer. As for the 6¢ stamp is it on the card? or both mounted in the same frame but two separate items? It might not make much difference in the value.

As for the different backs I was talking about I'll use that Goofy card you have as an example the one I scanned was numbered as 00157-70114 the back has the animation galley logo over on the bottom left side, actually kind of an odd placement for a post card, but that is how all those early cards were first printed, in the early 1990's, when WDW went to having bar codes on all their postcards, many of the cards from this series were re-printed with the bar code in the stamp block, and a new logo, centered over the dividing line (a more typical logo placement). At first these cards bar coded cards had a logo that was a box with the words "Disney Galley images" in it, later, there was yet another printing with a logo that reads "The Art Of Disney" on it. For that Goofy card I don't have a bar coded version, though looking at the cards that do exist in both series I can make an estimate at what the bar code number would probably be if it does exist in a bar coded version. it would probably be 00159 20009 or 00159 20010 if it exists as a bar coded card at all.

 Below: although in the email I used the goofy card as an example I thought a better example of "backs vs fronts" would be a card I have in all three versions.

Do you have WDW postcard questions? If so,  you can always feel free to email me:

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