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FYI - Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Comfort Stations

A lot of folks would never consider camping at WDW, othere would consider it but perhaps the thought makes them nervous, well the best way to arm yourself against nervousness is with information, and there are some great resourced devoted to WDW's campgound including the Venerable FORT WILDERNESS - FAQ maintained by Jeff Spencer, If you really want to learn about the campground THAT is the place to go. Recently I heard a discussion on the Disney Dudes podcast that touched on the campground that let to the writing of the post below.

Hey Dudes,
You were talking about Fort Wilderness (and the guy who took a window A/C for his tent) and I thought I'd throw in a bit of information here. One of the thing that rises the Fort Wilderness campground to a level of civilization above many camping experiences are the "comfort Stations" There is one for each campground loop and they are extremely clean and well kept.


The comfort stations also have some information all campground guests can use:



The Laundry rooms are also located there:


Here is the view to your left from the entrance into the mens room side:



now imagine you've walked over to the stalls and are looking back out:


looking back at the entrance door:

Now if you had looked straight ahead instead of to the left when you came in:


walk down that hallway an then looking to the left you will see another short hall with three shower stalls on the left, and a bench to your right:



a shower stall looks pretty much like a shower stall, thought I remember liking the shower heads and water pressure when I stayed at the Fort some years ago.


The comfort stations are renovated every few years and there is tile throughout, including the floors:

I hope if you are considering staying at the Fort Wilderness Campground this information make you more COMFORTable with that decision.

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