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Those Darn Cats - Episode 46 - Into every life Some Rain Must Fall

I listen to a LOT of Disney World related podcasts, sometimes I want to give them feedback, if that feedback gets sufficently long to warrent being it's own blog post it can end up here this is one of those times:

for the episode you can right click to open in a new tab or window, or save file as to listen.

I loved the Disneyland Rainy Day intro,classic and totally perfect for the subject matter.
As to Hong Kong the wheels of Government sometimes grind slowly and that is not unique to our country, so for the time scale it would be pointless for Disney to try to say, since what they are really waiting on is reaching an agreement with the HK government.

As for DCA, I'm not sure it is a "fail", it has ALWAYS suffered by comparison to the Disney Theme park with both the greatest number of and greatest density of attractions that stands across the Esplanade from it. DCA didn't bring in what was projected and what they need it to be capable of, so they have to fix it BUT, what I'd like to know is a comparison of Disneyland RESORT attendance statistics for the last 4-5 years before DCA opened and compare that with the most recent 4-5 year period, from that you could probably see what DL's rate of growth was before DCA, and how much they have been able to grow the audience WITH DCA, BUT, even if  DCA has not significantly increase the growth in turnstile clicks, you do have to keep in mind that at some point Disneyland would hit a ceiling where that one park just could not have continued to grow their audience each year, you can only squeeze so many people per day into a  60-70 acre theme park, at some point the HAD TO open a second gate to sustain growth AT ALL.

As to weather WDW is or is not more crowded, I've heard enough reports to believe that it is, BUT as Pete said on the DIS podcast with the buy 4 get 3 free special folks are paying a LOT less for those rooms, and as you guys pointed out people will be more conservative with other purchases like souvenirs and food, souvenirs can take an incredibly steep drop and many folks may downgrade from Table service to Counter service, or even bringing some sandwiches/snacks along to replace at least one meal.

Lisa, I  hope you don't  find the restrictions on your gift card to be all that oneous once you actually get there, you just need to get on vacation so you can relax! and if I'm wrong my apologies, but you just sounded like you really needed a little stress relief.

After above saying I do believe some of the anecdotal evidence about WDW crowding this spring I'm now going to turn around 180 degrees  and totally agree with Jenn about the fact that the buses seem to take longer mostly just being random chance is 100% right on the money, with the exception of the times there actually have been reasons for which they expected disruptions, like during the roll out of the new bus deployment system last year.

As to the pin codes and Lisa's frustration with them (I believe I heard her say "I Hate Everything"), there are some separate Room codes that are not PINs as I belive PIN is being used to stand for Personal  Identification Number, and the room rate codes she may have heard folks get excited about are probably NOT PINS, but the booking codes for various discounts like those available to AAA members Annual Pass Holders, or in some cases even the general public.

As for Jens specific PIN offer, you mentioned that you got it ON A POSTCARD!!! I'm the WDW postcard collecting guy! I'd love a scan of the card you got! If you can send me scans or photos of both sides to use for the web, I can make any personally identifying information unreadable if you are not sure of how to do that, or I can give you ideas on how to do that if it is something you would be willing to tackle (just putting text over the portion of the photo where your name and address were often works, doing a "cut" of a small box on those lines of ID information works too. Also for ANYONE reading this who has old ROOM RATE special/Pin code or  GUEST FEEDBACK/SURVEY postcards, please share scans or photos, these are the HARDEST types of postcards to collect so even any scans of photos are always appreciated!

As to the Sanrio land memories, it's always fun to hear Jen's interactions with the whatchamacalit, and the pug  putting in his 2 cents worth didn't hurt things either.
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