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The Art of Carving Bone or ivory is Srimshaw

List three books that have changed your life:

Recently, during Project XL the WDW Celebrations fan-sponsered event held in celebration of Walt Disney Worlds 40th anniversary, I had the opportunity to engage in a couple of "scavenger hunts". The first in Epcot was a photo/task based one with a bit of luck thrown into the mix by the fact you had to complete a puzzle with somewhat randomly distributed puzzle pieces. Although we had a lot of fun our team had poor luck with the pieces and we did not place. Later in the same trip I was teamed with two other Disney fans whom I had not met previously, and this was for a less task/photo based, and more of a trivia/attention to detail based one. This scavenger hunt was in the Magic Kingdom, and we did QUITE well, in fact we won. If I recall correctly, we were five points ahead of the second place team, which I think was the biggest spread between any two places. Still, as much FUN as we had, and despite the fact that MANY of the answers were things new to me, I doubt many of the answers to the things we got right will stick with me nearly as well as the things we tried to find but just could not find the correct answer to. In fact the things I think will stick with me for the longest time are the things we learned the answers too AFTER it was all over. For one thing this is because it is fun to go back and FIND these things afterward, I made a point of taking photos of a few of them later in the trip as I came upon them. I also have had a similar experience in the past that makes me think that this is true as well. In April 2001 less than a month after "Who Wants To be a Millionaire-  Play it" opened (According to Wikipedia it opened April 7, 2001) I managed to get in the "hot seat", much like the, then popular, television show you "locked in your prizes at the 1000 point and 32,000 point level and the levels progressed as follows;
prizes 5 pin set with those point levels on them,WWTBAM pin lanyard, 1000 point embroidered ball cap

 5 pin set with those point levels on them, the CD-Rom Version of the Show, WWTBAM logo polo shirt
1 million point leather jacket, 1,000,000 point medallion, Disney Cruise Line vacation for four

Well the first several questions were fairly easy, many of the low point value ones related to Walt Disney World, and the basic disney characters,  I even got through 32,000 fairly easily, but by the time I got to the 250,000 point question I had burned my lifelines, I think I used the "phone a complete stranger" one to help confirm my hunch on a baseball related question, and I think I used another lifeline on the 250,000 point level question too, but when the potential answers to the 250,000 point question were read off the first words out of my mouth were something like "well I know it's not scrimshaw" unfortunately since the question was "the art of carving bone or Ivory is:" I was completely wrong. 

Still as you can see from the photo below I was quite happy with my 10 pins, lanyard, hat, polo shirt and CD rom.

and I'll NEVER forget that the art of carving bone or Ivory IS Scrimshaw!
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