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ALL hail Larry Dobkin! A Mousin it up Blog - podcast episode review, of WEDWAY Radio episode #123

notes on Vic Perrin, Scary Dolls, The Bells system and the Peoples Republic I mean China

2 Min into the show "there'll be another series next summer" 30 years of Tokyo DL anyone? or 15 years of Disney's Animal Kingdom? 

(both were April openings BTW)

  • The Bell System was the American Bell Telephone Company and then, subsequently, AT&T–led system which provided telephone services to much of the United States and Canada from 1877 to 1984, at various times as a monopoly. In 1984, the company was broken up into separate companies

  •  There has been some discussion about who was the first narrator of Spaceship Earth.  Most fans seem to believe that the voice of the original Spaceship Earth narrator was Vic Perrin, an actor who did many voiceovers and was the "Control Voice" on The Outer Limits television show.  However, Disney Imagineer Marty Sklar did an interview saying that he didn't understand why everyone said the narrator was Vic Perrin; it was actually another actor named Larry Dobkin.
  •   during the 25th anniversary to Epcot they once again poured waters in various decanters "representing" waters from the rivers of the world into the Fountain of Nations. According to Disneyland the Nickel Tour when iasw opened in 1966 they had actual water from various places around the world as per this quote from page 230 " even more proof comes from a file filled with bills for the cost of shipping the water to Disneyland. Why, it cost $21.86 to airfreight a liter of water from Venezuela alone!
  • The song"listen to the land" does not sound condescending to me, it does make me think of Epcot Center as a great place to take school field trips, all those kids singing and learning to listen to the land.
  • El Rio Del Tiempo "Bartering" In the words of Diego Montoya "I do not think that word means what you think it means, or at the very least I think the word you were looking for actually was haggling.
  • China favorite China story on the earliest pre-opening merchandise there are references to "The Peoples Republic of China" to the Chinese this was a bit offensive as the official position of the Chinese government is that there is only "one China" they did not then recognize the "republic of China" which we know better nowadays as Taiwan "Upon losing the Chinese civil war in 1949, the ROC government retreated to Taipei, and kept control over a few islands along the coast of mainland China and in the South China Sea. The People's Republic of China (PRC) was established in mainland China on October 1, 1949, claiming to be the successor to the ROC.[3]"
  • Scary Children of the world walk around Dolls - these were leftover from the 1976 "America on Parade" and got redressed and a fair bit of reuse in Epcot.


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