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Top 10 Restrooms of the Walt Disney World resort - number 10 - Flame Tree Barbecue

Recently on episode 288 of the Walt Disney World News Today (WDWNT) podcast they did one of their "top ten" lists, one that had been long joked about, and now they were really doing it, well Disney fans have been joking about the fact that Disney's quality of experience extends even to their restrooms for a long time, ( there was even a web site on the Disneyland restrooms called "the Happiest potties on Earth" which is a take on Disneyland's self designation as "The Happiest place on Earth". I have long had a Flickr tag of TOTVKOTW that is an abbreviation for "Thrones Of The Vacation Kingdom Of The World" and in addition to the ones I have tagged I always seem to keep finding ones I have missed.

Well one of the things that the folks at Walt Disney World News Today always do when they make a top 10 list is they ask others to make thier own lists and send them in, so over the next several days I'll be posting my top 10 WDW restrooms as posts to my blog and will send this list to WDWNT.

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These restrooms are actually across the pathway from Flame Tree Barbecue in their own building as you are headed to Dinoland from Discovery island they are on your right,  if you turn to face the building you will see there is a cast member gate off to the right of the building and when live entertainment was more frequent in this park the little  sidewalk leading back to that gate was often used as a performance space for many live entertainment acts including the Village Beatniks.

Discovery Island Restrooms near Dinoland, across from Flame Tree Barbeque

The Village Beatniks - rolling out

Like most (or all?) WDW restrooms a water fountain is near the entrance:


as well as a phone:

Like the other restrooms in Disney's Animal Kingdom, the restrooms have heavy wooden doors rather than the "touch less" walk around the wall entreyways found in many of the high volume restrooms in the other parks, this is done to make the restrooms a safe refuge in the event of an Animal escape.


the main thing that makes this restroom rise to the level of a top 10 is the great decor in the tiles, both floor and wall.






even the signs are made of tile:

100_5332 (this blurry sign is actually a no smoking sign.

The Baby changing station also has a tile sign.




and that's number 10, more to come.
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