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Top 10 Restrooms of the Walt Disney World resort - number 9 - G Force Records

Recently on episode 288 of the Walt Disney World News Today (WDWNT) podcast they did one of their "top ten" lists, one that had been long joked about, and now they were really doing it, well Disney fans have been joking about the fact that Disney's quality of experience extends even to their restrooms for a long time, ( there was even a web site on the Disneyland restrooms called "the Happiest potties on Earth" which is a take on Disneyland's self designation as "The Happiest place on Earth". I have long had a Flickr tag of TOTVKOTW that is an abbreviation for "Thrones Of The Vacation Kingdom Of The World" and in addition to the ones I have tagged I always seem to keep finding ones I have missed.

Well one of the things that the folks at Walt Disney World News Today always do when they make a top 10 list is they ask others to make thier own lists and send them in, so over the next several days I'll be posting my top 10 WDW restrooms as posts to my blog and will send this list to WDWNT.

  At the Disney's Hollywood Studios all through the front part of the park there are several restrooms that look very much alike inside, no mater how the exterior looks, by the time they got around to adding the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith in 1999, they broke with this and went a bit different, that said I actually like the style and colors  of the tiles in those other restrooms at the studios, and the real things that set the G Force Records restrooms apart are mostly in things on the outside like the signs which resemble compact discs, though the disc here is larger more akin to a laser disc, and perhaps why I have been told that this particular sign has since been removed.

G-Force records restroom - outermost Sign

These restrooms are located to the left as you enter the compound of the G-Force records studio:
G-Force records restroom - outermost Sign

There's a nice quiet practical place to wait for the other members of your party which is out of the traffic of folks coming and going to visit the attraction.

G-Force records restroom - to get there "Walk this Way"

G-Force records restroom - Mens Room Sign

G-Force records restroom - Companion Restroom Sign

Now all the signs above are cute but, for some reason, I like the sign for the Women's room better than the one for the Mens or the one for the Companion restroom, (the one for the companion restroom was damaged and missing what looks like it might have been a microphone stand emblem at the time I took these photos). Still this one is not my absolute favorite...

G-Force records restroom - Womens Room Sign
nor is the no smoking sign...
G-Force records restroom - No smoking Sign

This is the one that is really my favorite!

G-Force records restroom - Baby Change Sign
The headphones really are just the perfect thing here, though I guess nowadays they might go with ear buds and an iPod.

The rest of the bathroom is ok, my feeling is they are trying to make the floor here look like what you might really find at a studio where the money is all put into the recording equipment and the tiles were just whatever they were able to salvage form elsewhere, but I can't help but look for (and see) the patterns in what is supposed to represent a floor without patterns.

G-Force records restroom - Looking back towards entrance

Rock & Roller Coaster - Restrooms Floor tile detail

if it were not for that flaw it might have made it even higher on my list.

and that's number 9, more to come ...
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