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Top 10 Restrooms of the Walt Disney World resort - number 8 - TTC- north restrooms

Recently on episode 288 of the Walt Disney World News Today (WDWNT) podcast they did one of their "top ten" lists, one that had been long joked about, and now they were really doing it, well Disney fans have been joking about the fact that Disney's quality of experience extends even to their restrooms for a long time, ( there was even a web site on the Disneyland restrooms called "the Happiest potties on Earth" which is a take on Disneyland's self designation as "The Happiest place on Earth". I have long had a Flickr tag of TOTVKOTW that is an abbreviation for "Thrones Of The Vacation Kingdom Of The World" and in addition to the ones I have tagged I always seem to keep finding ones I have missed.

Well one of the things that the folks at Walt Disney World News Today always do when they make a top 10 list is they ask others to make thier own lists and send them in, so over the next several days I'll be posting my top 10 WDW restrooms as posts to my blog and will send this list to WDWNT.

One running theme that you may notice in the restrooms that I like is that many of them have colorful tile patterns. At the Ticket and Transportation center there are actually three different sets of restrooms to chose from, in the building just to the southeast of the Monorail station there are not one but TWO sets of restrooms , after you pass through the gates by Mickey's Gift station
Mickey's Gift Station (and in this same building) there is one set on the side facing the monorail station, it appears to be a more "old style" restroom, before they started making them more colorful:
TTC South Restroom - Facing exit

also in that same building but on the side facing the bus loading bay (you might be more likely to approach this from the lost and found building) is one that has had what appears to be a quite recent renovation:

Southeast Restrooms at the TTC (near bus stops)

and I do like the tile work and the colors in this restroom, but for some reason it just did not quite make my list, but for some reason the restroom at the North building of the TTC did make my list, I'd be hard pressed to come up with much of a justification of why I prefer this to the more recently renovated ones in the South building, I just do.

TTC North Restrooms - looking out & left from entrance

Perhaps the view from outside (monorails and flowers) is an easy reason to pick as who the smell and sound of busses is not high on most folks lists of things they use to add a certain ambiance to a scene.

TTC North Restrooms - looking out from entrance

TTC North Restrooms - overhead sign

Note that in the shot below you can see that the tiles in the women's room appear to have slightly different colors in their pattern:
TTC north Restrooms - Entrances

Even though i've taken a fair number of photos in WDW restrooms, i do get self conscious, afraid that someone will walk in, and that sometimes results in shaky photos.
TTC North Restrooms - looking in from entrance

TTC North Restrooms - Custodial Closet at entrance

TTC north Restrooms - Tile Stripe Detail

TTC North Restrooms - looking back to entrance

TTC North Restrooms - looking in from center

TTC North Restrooms - looking back from center

TTC north Restrooms - Tile Stripe Detail

TTC north Restrooms - Tile Stripe Detail

TTC north Restrooms - Hand washing Sign

Brawny and Sparkle, both products of the Georgia-pacific Corp. sponsor the hand washing stations in the restrooms of WDW. I wonder if WDW gets free hand towels and toilet paper in exchange for their Georgia Pacific product placement at the sinks around the resort? It would be a variation on that old rumor that WDW gets free soda syrup for all the Coca-Cola logos around the resort.

That's number 8, more to come!
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