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Top 10 Restrooms of the Walt Disney World resort - number 1 - Pioneer Hall

Recently on episode 288 of the Walt Disney World News Today (WDWNT) podcast they did one of their "top ten" lists, one that had been long joked about, and now they were really doing it, well Disney fans have been joking about the fact that Disney's quality of experience extends even to their restrooms for a long time, ( there was even a web site on the Disneyland restrooms called "the Happiest potties on Earth" which is a take on Disneyland's self designation as "The Happiest place on Earth". I have long had a Flickr tag of TOTVKOTW that is an abbreviation for "Thrones Of The Vacation Kingdom Of The World" and in addition to the ones I have tagged I always seem to keep finding ones I have missed.

Well one of the things that the folks at Walt Disney World News Today always do when they make a top 10 list is they ask others to make thier own lists and send them in, So over the past few days I've been posting mine. I hope others have been encouraged by this to make their own top 10 lists of WDW restrooms If you want to do that please send your top ten lists too put in the subject line "top 10 restrooms" the only rules Tom mentioned for this one were no "historic"restrooms (as in ones that are not there anymore), and no WDW Hotel room restrooms,though public restrooms at the resort hotels, mini golf courses, Downtown Disney, Water parks, theme parks, and all of the WDW resort are fair game.

The restroom that got the top spot on my top 10 restrooms of WDW list is not in a park, in fact it's not even at a hotel, at least in the traditional sense, it's at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground, specifically at the "settlement" end of fort Wilderness next to Pioneer Hall and it has many of the things I like in WDW restrooms colorful tile in interesting patterns, interesting details, I've got a decent set of photos of it, and in addition to that it seems to perhaps have a sense of humor too. For those of you not familiar with this location Pioneer Hall is the venue for the long running dinner show known as the "Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue", and these restrooms are located beside the Hall, accessible from outside rather than inside, and this allows access from guests in this area of the campground even at times of day when the show is not running.

Pioneer Hall Restrooms - Entrance from Outside

Note that in the photo of the restroom sign below you can see a bus at the "settlement" bus stop, this should give you a good idea of the small amount of walking needed to get here even though the campground is large. You would park at the day guest parking lot at the "outpost" sue stop and all three lines that leave form there go to"settlement" the differences in the bus routes being just which campsite loops they pass (and can stop at) on the way to "settlement" from "outpost".
Pioneer Hall Restrooms - Sign

Pioneer Hall Restrooms - Sign

The first thing you will see when you walk in is that the floor tiles are in the pattern of a quilt!
Pioneer Hall Restrooms - Floor Tile Detail - quilt pattern

Then there are sinks to your left,

The sinks have "lantern" light fixtures, and tree branches for frames
Pioneer Hall Restrooms - lighting & Mirrors

even the tile "strip" that goes around the room has a rope design.
Pioneer Hall Restrooms - Wall Tile Detail - rope pattern

Pioneer Hall Restrooms - Wall Tile Detail - rope pattern

The baby changing station has a western themed print on tile over it.
Pioneer Hall Restrooms - Mural - Baby Changing Table
If you walk all the way to the end, past the sinks, then the whole restroom from that point on is to the left, and that is where the stalls and urinals are, the rope pattern continues on the walls and the intricate quilt pattern on the floor repeats in this area as well

Pioneer Hall Restrooms - around the corner

So it's time to turn around and hear out right? but wait, my favorite detail in the restroom, and one that a lot of people seem to enjoy is on the wall across from the sinks that were on our left as we came in, and many people swear this scene looks suspiciously similar to one scene that was seen in the movie "Blazing Saddles".

Pioneer Hall Restrooms - Mural

I'm just amazed that none of the WDWNT staff listed it in their top ten it in yours?
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