Brian Martsolf (bigbrian_nc) wrote,
Brian Martsolf

The Non-mouse Spouse uses a day off her "10 year ticket"

Since my wife is the type of person who thinks of Disneyland the way many folks think of the Grand Canyon, as in somewhere you go to once but don't necessarily go back to over and over, but she realizes that I do like to go back over and over, she does not go into the parks much with me, rather she uses our trips to Florida as a chance to recharge her batteries and do some outlet shopping. She does have a ticket however, but it was purchased in 2005 before they made no expiration a separate option since she was averaging "a day a year" for a while we call it her "10 year Ticket". Here on our 2009 WDW visit she uses a day for her favorite park Disney's Animal Kingdom (or as she likes to call it the Wild Animal Kingdom).


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