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inspired by the Mighty Men of Mouse episode 150 "Level it, Keep It"

     Sometimes it's fun to do a little armchair imagineering, and as podcasters who talk about Disney, the Mighty Men of Mouse did a little of that on their latest episode, but the chord it struck with me has me doing even MORE of that, taking there germ of word exercise and pushing it out beyond the bounds of all reasonable reality . You see, the exercise that they embarked on was to pick things they like, and things they don't like in the Magic Kingdom Resort area choosing to "level" the things they don't like, and add MORE of the things they do like. One of the guys chose to “level” the Magic Kingdom parking lot due to the unnecessary extra time it takes to get to and from the Magic Kingdom because they chose to locate the parking lot a tram ride away from, a boat ride, or monorail ride from the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Parking lot and Tram lanes to the TTC

It’s easy to see a reason the is could have true appeal for Walt Disney World as well as for it’s guests, after all if all those Magic Kingdom Day guests did not have to go through the TTC the land AT the Ticket and Transportation Center would be prime waterfront real estate for yet another deluxe resort, as well as its DVC counterpart, but here’s where I take it way over the top. And a former Theme park parking lot? Well, as the  Disneyland resorts Disney California Adventure theme park has taught us us that is a site for a new park!

     While they are at it, they can also remove the Walt Disney World Speedway too and build a huge parking deck, and bus loops there to serve the new fifth WDW gate “Disneyland East”, the Magic Kingdom is the most visited theme park in the world, lets REALLY add some capacity, build a concept for moving Main Street USA up into the 1920s, when you get to the hub you have Adventureland, New Orleans Square, and Carsland, and Fantasyland.
     When we move the Magic Kingdoms Adventureland to this new park, we will also bring in Adventure Island from DLP, and clone the Indiana Jones Adventure from Disneyland, let's not forget the Tahitian Terrace dinner show, and let's do a double installation of the Tiki Room with one side showing the original, and the other side built showing various versions ( I think Tokyo has had 3 or 4 versions of this show over the years perhaps some elements from this could be used in the alternate versions side here).
      In Fantasyland build ALL the dark rides NOT in the Magic Kingdom, Snow White, Mr. Toad, Pinnochio, and Alice in Wonderland, let this "Disneyland East" add the princess Fantasyland forest stuff that got cut in order to add the Seven Dwarfs mine train , others can squabble about whose castle gets to be the centerpiece.
     Out in New Orleans Square bring over the Animatronics and put POTC in it, instead of the Blue Bayou, have Tiana’s restaurant, and a full Club 33 for all those WDW sponsors, and Mystic Manor would either be in Adventureland or you could do a New Orleans Square version.
     In the Liberty Square of “Disneyland East” we would bring over the Hall of Presidents, and a similar colonial facade would disguise the “America Sings” attraction.
    In Cars Lands learn from the mistakes they made with Luigis Flying tires increase to four flight circles and include the equipment that sweeps they saucers back to the station for loading and unloading.

Back at the Magic Kingdom , since there is now no more  Adventureland ,or Liberty Square we’ll put the stockade style Frontierland entrance in at the Magic Kingdom. In Frontierland how about a modern take on the Western River expedition I think you could tie it in to the Lone Ranger, it might not have been a huge financial success, but many Disney movies were not on their initial release but still grew a following over the years, having it in the parks would make people WANT to see it. Also we kept the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom so it's now in Frontierland too, same place no change there.

     In Fantasyland, since Dumbos Circus already has a Casey Junior Circus train themed water play area, we'll build out from that in the direction of the current autopia (which would be torn out) and put in a Storybookland Canal Boats, and Casey Junior area.
          Anyhow I could go on but it just get’s more and more unlikely, and for those keeping track of the question of just  where would the new parking for the Magic Kingdom be?  the actual parking structure would be north of the Grand Floridian and just across the canal from the BACK of Frontierland since it would be a multi structure parking lot, screening would be built in to hide the backstage views,

Kingdom View AND "Walk Around the World" from the Monorail

and besides that, with Grizzly Gulch and Wester River Expedition being built on this side of the park, those attractions would be built with these views in mind, you could still have the Electrical Water pageant as since a bridge would have to be built across the canal anyway, and from this TALL structure they could just keep it high enough to permit the barges to pass under,  just as they currently pass under the monorail beam,

Electrical Water Pageant barge storage & more Backstage areas
oh yeah, and since the “walk around the world” would now go almost all the way around the Seven Seas Lagoon Walt Disney World could start selling the bricks again.

Walk Around the World -dead end MK side 2001

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