August 28th, 2008

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Pat Terry Sr. and Pat Terry Jr.

pat terry senior and junior

Some time ago (back in episode 18 of my podcast) I mentioned a NEAT old postcard I had found (pictured Above), it was neat for A couple of reasons. two of which were immediately obvious upon viewing the front, one other reason was obvious by just taking a glance at the back...

...and there was at least one more another that I didn't find out until I did a little Research, the three obvious reason are:
  1. That's a VERY early Frontierland. Look at how small the tress are!
  2. That is the Admiral Joe Fowler Steamship pictured there and there are a lot less pictures of that particular steamer since it was retired EARLY in the 1980's.
  3. The card is NOT a Disney produced card EVEN THOUGH it is an IN-PARK photo (this is the one that was obvious from a look at the card back).
Now, why would this card have been produced? Well, the caption on the back of the card gives a clue to that (as the captions on the backs of postcards OFTEN provide clues about the card)

PAT TERRY AND SON, banjo duo appearing at Walt Dis-
ney World, Florida. Also featured at Disneyland, Cali-
fornia and Radio City Music Hall, New York.

So obviously this was a card to promote the banjo duo, postcards are a great tool for this kind of thing even today, and even more so in the pre-internet era, or at least that is what I thought before I got the great follow-up comment to this post below from Pat Terry Jr. Himself! so scroll down to the comment titled "The Mystery Postcard"

As I mentioned though there was at least ONE MORE reason this card is very neat and that is because of the people pictured on the card.

Pat Senior made a living playing the banjo since back in the days of radio and traveled a lot to do his gigs (I found an interview with him at )

They moved to Florida when Disney World opened (having worked Disneyland the year before). For some years the performed together in the Magic Kingdom, but later became part of the show at the Hoop Dee Doo revue over at Fort Wilderness, Pat Senior worked for Disney for over 10 years before retiring, and pat Junior still performs at the Hoop Dee Doo to this day.

When they appeared in the park together I sort of assumed that they appeared as they do on this post card, then a few days ago I found a picture that confirmed it for me, this photo is a scan of one of the Pana-Vue slides that used to be sold in the park many years ago and I found it on Rob Fasto's FANTASTIC web site: Square/WDW-613 - Strolling Banjo Players.jpg.htm

As I mentioned Pat Senior retired after many years, but there is a small tribute site dedicated to him, presumably maintained by Pat Junior, since there is also a site for Pat Junior. Pat Senior has since passed away, after his death he was inducted into the Banjo Hall of Fame (now relocating to Oklahoma City from it's prior home in Guthrie, OK).

Pat Junior as I mentioned earlier still appears at WDW in the Hoop -Dee-Doo revue, his site touches on many other aspects of his life too including banjo instruction (he offer lessons on CD's), information about a (now defunct) magazine dedicated to the banjo that he used to produce, and a CD of gospel tunes played by a whole band with Pat taking the lead on his banjo.

As I mentioned on the episode of the podcast where I brought this up (episode 18) this is just one more reason that I GOTTA get over to the Hoop-Dee-Doo sometime!