September 28th, 2008

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Episode 41 - Mainly Mousin' with the Philharmonic

This long overdue episode is a return to the Magic Kingdom trip report of 11 Oct. 2007. Picking up right where we left off in Episode 39, we quickly head back down Main Street to Town square near the Emporium where we take in a set of the Main Street Philharmonic, and then spend a little time chatting with and listening to Jim on what ended up being one of his "40 minute plus" sets.




Main Street Philharmonic

  • Strike Up The Band
  • Lassus Trombone
  • The South Rampart Street err... Town Square Street Parade
  • Hold That Tiger

Piano Man Jim

  • unknown
  • Spanish Eyes
  • unknown
  • unknown
  • St Louis Blues

Selected photos

October 11, 2007

a few pictures taken during this episode can be found in the middle of the folowing page.