November 3rd, 2008

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Postcard Discoveries - Disneyland Jumbo

Once in a while, as a collector of Disney theme park post cards, I'll find out about some little tidbit of Disney postcard information that I want to share with other collectors, sometimes these tidbits don't fit neatly into my existing web pages, and while I'm member of a yahoo group based on Disney postcards using images of cards in posts to those groups used to be impossible and still has its challenges, when I started my podcast I even did a postcard segment at the end of many of the episodes, as it was easy to stick the pictures in at the end of the show notes, still after a while it seemed to me that was not really a good fit (for reasons that are more about my podcast than postcards), with this blog it will be easy to do occasional pieces on postcards here, and I can then place links back to the article here for other groups I tell about the post.

This POSTCARD DISCOVERY came to me from Kevin Hughes, whom I have long corresponded with in regards to Disney Theme Park cards, Kevin has an extensive collection himself, and since as a dealer in postcards (Including Disney pars cards found at his easy to use web site ) he goes to visit many shows where he makes some FANTASTIC finds, like this recent one he told me about:
Been enjoying your articles, podcasts etc. Keep up the good work!
I came across two nice Disneyland postcards yesterday and looking for more info on them...
They are both "oversized".
J-2 Submarine Falls
J-6A Jungle Adventure
I was excited to find them in mint condition in someones 25 cent dealers box!

Now any time you find a Disneyland card in a 25¢ box you probably made a good find, if it is anything other that the most common of Disneyland cards 
I would upgrade that to a GREAT find, if it  is from a rarer series or type of cards (like the Jumbos!) I would call that a FANTASTIC find, the first of these two cards he found I would put in that category, as the Submarine Falls J-2 card is one of the easier to find cards of a card series that can have very long periods of time between when you run across cards to add to your collection, but the other card? Well that was a find that goes even beyond the power of the word fantastic to describe it adequately, not only is it a card from one of the rarer older types and series of cards, but it is a rare enough view that this card was not even listed in the "nickel Tour" as a jumbo! That said it still may look familiar too you because, like MOST jumbos,  it also appeared on a smaller card, and that gives some clue possibility to its rarity, but first let's take a look at it:

Disneyland Jumbo Postcard J-6A

Back side od Disneyland Jumbo Postcard J-6A

Now that card appeared as a regular sized card too, and there were TWO versions of the front side (there were probably more backs depending on how many times it was reprinted over the years). In one that sign read just as it does on this Jumbo size card JUNGLE CRUISE, but in the other version of the card it reads ADVENTURELAND, on that sign, so it is a nice early example of a cut and paste edit on a Disneyland postcard (back in the era when they used real paste!), the fact that the card is numbered J-6A, means it was a replacement for an earlier card, otherwise it would have just been numbered J-6, the original J-6 is listed as THE EXPLORERS BOAT, (same image as Nickel Tour number 0272), which is a card that always struck me funny because right in the center of the card there is a guy who is definitely NOT keeping his hands and arms inside the boat!

so perhaps that is why the first version of J-6 was retired, and this later version might not have been out as long both because that first card was out for a while, and I wonder if also the difference in how the sign was printed might have played into it being out for a short time too, if the printing on the sign on this card was not the way they preferred that sign to appear that might have caused it to be retired more rapidly, or also just the fact that they rotated in new views more frequently back then than they do nowadays, anyhow I want to thank Kevin for letting me share these images here, and once again suggest his site as a possible source for all you postcard collectors out there.