November 4th, 2008

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Angry (Please don't be Angry)

As a guy who loves to record live entertainment groups at the Disney parks for use on my podcast, I really like to share the names of the songs with my listeners on my web site, however if you've glanced down very many lists of songs on my site over the years, inevitably you will come to a listing that looks something like this one from one of Alan Thomsons sets (this one appeared originally back in Episode 21:

  • Stormy Weather
  • Someone to Watch Over Me
  • Tennesee Waltz
  • Solace
  • Disney Medley
    • Bella Note
    • So This is Love
    • Once Upon A Dream
    • Someday My Prince Will Come
    • Cruela De Ville
    • When You Wish Upon A Star
    • Wouldn't have nothin if I didn't have you
  • Unknown
  • Cheek to cheek
  • I'm In the Mood for Love
  • Unknown
  • "Maybe" welcome cowboys (and friends and neighbors) from the OLD Horseshoe
  • Coney Island Warshboard
  • Grim Grinning Rag
Now even though I knew the names of most of those songs, you can see the word "Unknown" twice, and a "maybe" in there, well if you looked at this list six months ago there would have been ANOTHER unknown, as the ragtime version of "Wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have you" just did not strike a chord with me, UNTIL a "tale of the tune" segment I heard on the Mouse Guest Weekly podcast rung that bell for me, I had accidentally hit the button on my mp3 player right in the middle of that song, and as I put my finger on the thumb wheel and FFwd through the episode to get back to the song, I heard the melody in my head, but NOT being sung by Randy Newman as they had been playing it, in my head as I waited for the MP3 to fast forward, I heard it being played on piano, and had an AH-HA! moment, recently I had another of those AH-HA moments, and this one will take that "MAYBE" off the list and replace it with the real song title (and it wasn't  the one from the Horseshoe). I purchased a CD of the Magic City Jazz Band, a group made up of several former WDW musicians and at least one current one, the name of that song is actually "Angry" and on this CD it's sung by Ed Cuneo (pronounced COO-NEE-OH). This CD is one I would reccomend to anyone who thinks they MIGHT like some of this kind of fun jazz, becuse they do seem to capture that fun, most of the songs are instrumentals, but a few (like Angry) do have the lyrics as well, there are also some samples on thier site (though regretably not one of Angry). one side note you can also purchase their CD through CD, and that is the way I purchased it

Anyhow, it's hard to really capture music with just words, so here's a link to a SHORT companion episode to this blog post