November 8th, 2008

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Why didn't I think of that before?

I have a lot of fun sharing the stuff I see and hear in the parks on the Internet, weather it be through my trip reports, podcasts, or videos on youtube and google video. Now seeing that statement above you might wonder Why on earth would anyone need BOTH a you tube AND google video account, well although I do pay to share some of my stuff on the web I've been trying to limit my videos to free hosting services only, the first of these I discovered was You Tube, it only has one limitation for free accounts the videos are limited to 10 minutes or less, at first this did not matter, every video I have shared has been taken with a camera that is primarily planned as a still photos camera, if fact to take videos with it over 30 seconds in length I have yo use "Type II" or faster SD memory cards, and besides that I learned early on that taking videos with it does something to the batteries that is analogous to taking a bottle of soda and turning it upside does not take long to drain all the energy from the batteries, which is why I seem to have so many seemingly "incomplete" videos, but over time I have learned the tricks to taking longer videos:

1.Try to be aware and plan when I might be taking a video, and before I do
A. change the batteries.
B. insert a memory card that still has a lot of capacity left on it.
2. And even beyond changing the batteries, I've found that those fancy schmancy super expensive lithium batteries really do last longer, especially in that high power drain situation I described above!

But all that may be a moot point now, as I've just bought a new HD video specific camera (though it will take stills also), but that's not what this post is about. My discovery of all this tips and tricks resulted in me taking a 20 something minute video of a set of the citizens of Hollywood performing a shit on Hollywood Boulevard, I was elated to get the whole set, but I was also unsure of how I would post the video, I had seen other folks on you tube with multi-part videos to keep each part under the 10 minute limit, and I figured I COULD try to learn some software to edit my videos, but before I had to do that I learned about Google Video, at the time google was trying to move into the video hosting market and lure folks to its service that might otherwise go to youtube by offering a service that hosted videos WITHOUT a time limit, this seemed like a logical place for me to put my video, and as long as I was at it I went ahead and put ALL of my videos there from that trip (June 2007)...

However, I soon noticed the lack of a google videos "user page" for instance on youtube if you view any of my videos you can then click on a link to my "channel" a sort of home page for my videos on youtube:

on google video the closest thing to that is a tab in a pane next to the video pane that says "more from user" this tab is usually in the back, details for the video that is playing are on top, if you click on that tab view will show you four videos at a time, and a scroll bar that will let you see a total of 16 if you scroll down, just a very minimal bare bones approach when compared you youtubes sort of "community building " approach (that reminds me a lot of Flickr which is another service I use), anyhow there is a page on my site called "other bigBrian stuff on the web" there is a link to that page in the site in that big coral colored menu bar up at the top of the main page and the other "section header" pages well on that page are links to my flickr page, articles I've written for AllEars, my profile on various message boards, and of course my google and you tube video pages, the link for my you tube page was simple, but how to link to my google videos? Well eventually I figured out that if I did a search within Google video for bigBrian most of my videos would come up, but it also brought in links to a few of my youTube videos, still it wasn't too bad and I figured eventually Google would add something more like you tubes "channels", well after Google bought youTube I realized that might not happen, but figured at some point Google video would make some kind of changes, but up until this point any change has been slow, and in the interim other folks have had their videos start to turn up in my search (like a weight lifter also using the bigBrian moniker). Today I was looking for a video I keep in my google videos and saw the mish-mash of results coming in on that search and I resolved to do SOMETHING better, like so many problems it really wasn't that tough once I focused on it and I'm very pleased with the results, I squeezed out the other big brians by making the new search I linked to one that links to my exact google video user name, and I even managed to remove my youtube video results by adding the term to the search viola! a search where the number of hits is exactly equal to the number of videos I have on google! It's still not a page like the ones for user of you tube, but for free hosting of my long videos I'm not going to complain!

All of which led to the question I asked in the title of this post!

just for fun heres another one of the google videos from there: