December 6th, 2008

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Things I hope to see or wont see at Mousefest

Last week I made a post about the re-purposed Animal Kingdom ships that are now used on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay lake for fireworks cruises,

I mentioned it was something I'm looking forward to seeing, possibly as soon as Mousefest, but since I don't know how likely there are to be some of these out in the day it's hard to say if I will really see any of them, that said I won't be heartbroken if I don't see them there are similarly a LOT of things I HOPE to experience or see that I don't necessarily know if they will happen, but just by having so many of them I'm sure I'll see some of them,

Missing these things won't necessarily be a BAD thing, but seeing them could be a huge BONUS to my trip, because I know they are out there and if I see, and or photograph, video, or record (audio), it will be one more great thing to share when I get back!

Also, some things are so obvious that I would look forward to them I won't bother to list them here like the Toontown Tuners and the Voices of Liberty, also most things that I have on my Mousefest schedule I posted a while back are things I won't  list here unless additional explanation is needed as to WHY I'm looking forward to them.
  • The World Showcase Players doing "A Christmas Carol" not only do I want to see this because I have not seen it before but at least one former Adventurers Club cast member is in the WS players.
  • The Hat Lady, yes I enjoyed Leon Gregory as a piano player at the Rose and Crown Pub and was sorry to see him go, but I'd LOVE to see Carol there too, though if I happen to walk in on one of Pam Brody's two days a week  that would not be disappointing either.
  • Nova Era, this band had appeared in the Italy Pavilion several years back, but this holiday season they are performing at DTD , I'd LOVE to see them BUT it probably won't happen unless we were to "add a  day".
  • Gui-Tar-Dan at Camp Minnie mickey in Disney's Animal Kingdom, While I don't anticipate that this singers, guitar players act would be all that riveting because it's probably aimed squarely at keeping the kids entertained, it will be great to see Dean face to face as I really enjoyed his "Singing Cowboy" act at the Diamond Horseshoe, and I enjoy listening to the CD I bought of the Rusty Cutlass pirate band that  he performs with at some of the Hard ticketed parties in the Magic Kingdom
  • Rusty Cutlass themselves I would love to see them perform but I decided to pass of the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party this year.
  • The Tropicals, this steel drum based band plays at Disneys Animal Kingdom, I haven't seen them yet but I enjoyed their CD.
  • Beauty & the Beast stage show, not only have I not seen this show in several years, but the latest Gaston is a former Dapper Dan.
  • The Village Beatniks, yet another AK band I have yet to experience
  • The REAL Mor Thiam, as I noted in a blog post a while back the audio I used in my AK episodes of the drummer in Harambe in front of the Mombassa Marketplace, was the guy who fills in on Mor Thiam's days off, while the fellow I recorded was great I am rather embarrassed about miss-representing the material I used when I played it on my podcast, until I later learned the truth
  • The Boardwalk Entertainment, especially Musicale Mark (who also fills in on piano Man Jims days off at the MK) or the former juggler from the Hunchback of Notre Dame stage show
  • Flights of Wonder, it's simply been several years since I saw this,and I don't necessarily see time in the schedule for it this trip.
There are many other little things I'd like to catch certain sets or songs by the Dapper Dans, Main Street Philharmonic, and the Spirit of America Fife and drum corps come to mind (The Disney Medley the dans do, Mary Poppins Medley the Philharmonic does,  and the sons and daughters of Liberty set the Fife and drum corps do )