January 5th, 2009

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Funny, they don't look toxic to me... the Voiceovers

Recently while going through old WDW photos on Facebook  ( if you're on Facebook look for me Brian Martsolf ) I ran across a photo of a singer that rang a bell with me, this sent me on a hunt through my own photos first in the October 2002 trip (the honeymoon trip for my wife and I)

I found a photo on this page of this singer from American Vybe on the following page:

and then these photos from a much earlier trip, September 1998,  http://www.bigbrian-nc.com/trindex.htm#09.98 ,

found on this page  http://www.bigbrian-nc.com/1998/sept/004.htm  .

I found a link to contact the woman singer (in the Red shirt with Vybe and in the Blue shirt  wth the group performing on New York Street in the Disney-MGM studios, and wrote her, the message you can see below:

Hi Michelle, I'm a long time fan of the Disney Theme parks, and as I've been fortunate enough to go repeated times over the years I enjoy catching the musical groups, I saw a photo of you with American Vybe, and so thought you might like seeing a few I have taken on my WDW trips that I think have you in them, some are on this page:

also did you ever sing in a group at the Disney-MGM studios back on New York street? If so there are a few that look like it MIGHT be you in them on this page:

I also have some audio of Vybe in an episode of my podcast that can be found on my site at:

if you listen to it bear in mind that the audio in it is from two different recording session, one I did in 2002 that corresponds to the pictures on the first page I sent you a link to, and another set recorded by my buddy Lou Oms of the WDW-memories podcast, and his was MUCH earlier.

In fact here's a "track list" that breaks it down:
* It Don't Mean A Thing if It Aint got That Swing (recorded by Brian oct. 2002)
* Seasons of Love (recorded by WDW Friend/Lou Dec. of 98 or 99)
* 60's medley (recorded by WDW Friend/Lou Dec. of 98 or 99)
* Rosie (recorded by Brian oct. 2002)
* Just A Giggalo (recorded by Brian oct. 2002)
* His Eye is on the Sparrow (recorded by Brian oct. 2002)
* Lean on Me (recorded by Brian oct. 2002)
* Ridin the Chariot (recorded by WDW Friend/Lou Dec. of 98 or 99)

Michelle replied:
I am so thankful for you and all these awesome pics! I saw them all and you are correct. I was in the "voiceovers" back at MGM in 1998. That group is pretty much still together- known as Toxic Audio- and we have 2 shows up in Sanford Florida Dec 26 and 27 this year. OH, I guess you know that already .....www.toxicaudio.com
regardless...thanks a million


I actually hadn't put it all together yet at that point (though all the parts were there, and I now remember enough other refereances that I had heard to the group over the years that I should have) so I  replied :

Very Cool I have heard of Toxic Audio from a couple of other WDW folks who are fans of your group, notably Earl of the "Trapped on Vacation" podcast, he is a big fan of your group. I saw that your profile listed your affiliation with Toxic Audio, but I did not realize that the group at the studios was basically an "on WDW property" version of that same group, thanks for the information that is neat to find out, and thanks for the link to the Toxic Audio site, I'm going to check it out now.

After checking out their site I investigated a bit more, I found a podcast by someone involved with the group that gave me a feeling for thier music, and this eventually culminated in the purchase of one of thier CDs from CDbaby.com

Over the recent holidays I finally got the time to listen to it, and so when I noticed the notice in my email box asking how I liked it I wrote the following review:

This was my first purchase of one of Toxic
Audios albums, though I had heard of them a good while back thanks to Earl of the Trapped on Vacation podcast, since then I've learned of a podcast ran by their sound guy (if I understood it correctly), and got to sample a bit more of there work there, somewhere along the line I saw photos of one of these folks and it rang a bell, I went back through my old WDW trip photos and found photos of one of the members of the group singing with American Vybe, and a photo of an early incarnation of Toxic Audio singing on New York Street in the Disney-MGM studios, finally that got me to break down and spend a little  bit of my hard earned cash on one of thier CD's I always have lots of CD's and books related to Walt Disney World on my "wish list" and sometimes it takes a while (or events like these discoveries I mentioned above) for items to move up my list but I'm sure glad this one finally surfaced, and it likely won't be all that long before my next purchase of one of their CD's as even as vocal music (which I enjoy) goes these guys rank WAY up there!

Looking at  the  photos in the CD case (does the term liner notes apply to CDs?) I noticed that another of the faces in the group was also very familiar, from the same Honeymoon trip in 2002 as the photo of Michelle with American Vybe, the same afternoon in Epcot, and even from the same pavilion, and singing for a music group...but NOT American Vybe, yep a Voice of Liberty who is also a member of Toxic Audio

This fellow had already made quite an impression on me on that 2002 trip because we saw him perform with Four for a Dollar at the studios a on the same trip, and on whichever set was the later one we remembered him from the first, it's neat to see talented folks like this playing a variety of roles like this, but rarely do you get to see them in TWO different roles on the same trip ! Unfortuantly I didn't get a photo of him with Four for a Dollar because that was a "film camera" trip and we were running low at the end of the trip.

 here's his page from their site: http://www.toxicaudio.com/rene.htm

Having taken all these years to link these performers makes me wonder what else is out there in my photos.

I actually think someone may have mentioned the connection to the group at the studios to me at some point, but I don't see any referance to "toxic audio" in a search of my old emails, so perhaps it was right before one of those crashes most of us have from time to time where some data is lost.