February 6th, 2010

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Mickey Mouse Pull String Doll ... OR, Pal Mickey, 1976

A few years ago the Disney Company came out with an interactive plush Mickey Mouse called "Pal Mickey", Pal Mickey was deigned to actually interact, or react to electronic signals in the Disney parks, so if you were in Epcot he would tell you about things in Epcot, if you were at the Magic Kingdom he would share facts about that park and so on. While this pull string toy from 1976 is no where NEAR being up to THAT level of technology, it is an interesting parallel to think of this as a sort of precursor to that is some (tiny) way, and thought provoking as to how far the technology we would devote to something that is "just a toy" has advanced.
here are the 5 things he says during this video:
1 Oh Boy! ha ha
2. Are you a Mouseketeer too?
3. Mouseketeeers have big ears!
4. that tickles, ha, ha
5. M-I-C-K-E-Y