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NFFC:: Briar Patch Chapter

I recently recieved this message over at the web site from Disneygirl17 it concerns the NFFC which is one of the largest Disney fandom organizations out there:

Big Brian,
Hello, I am your neighbor to the south (Fort Mill). I was actually wondering if you know of any NFFC organizations around Charlotte?

I wouldn't mind starting one here in Charlotte but I am just not sure about it.

Any ideas of any fan organizations around here?

Hope all is well - I am still listening to Mousin it up - great show :)

I replied:

I know that Bibliodonis (George) of the Imaginerding blog has expressed some interest in wanting to start an NC Chapter, he's in Greensboro NC, and he is on Disfriends too there are actually quite a few NC folks i have heard mention this idea in passing, I'm sure Jeff Pepper (of WDW radio and the 2719 Hyperion blog) and his family would be interested (He's in winston-salem), also Ray of the Bare Necessities podcast has mentioned it to me too, of these folks George and his brother andrew seemed the most interested in possibly doing the work it would take to set something like this up, I'd love to participate, but I imagine it would be more as a member and supporter than any kind of officer. I've also just heard that there is now an Atanta branch of the NFFC called the Briar Batch chapter, I think it might be good for some of us NC folks to get in touch with that chapter and perhaps get a couple of carloads/carpools of us together to go to one of thier meeting sometime, but I haven't looked up thier chapter information as of yet, so that's another possibility.

Since then I finally DID write the BP chapter at thier  email address and got this wonderful reply:

Thanks for your email and interest in the Atlanta Briar Patch chapter of the NFFC.  I'm so glad that you heard about us and would like to become a member of our group.  I'll add you to our email list so you'll know about our plans.  We would love to have you attend as many meetings as you can.  And, of course, I know who you are.  I've heard about you and your podcast for several years now.


Our next meeting is Saturday, June 14, from 7-10 pm.  We meet at the Oakleigh subdivision clubhouse (4751 Oakleigh Manor Drive, Powder Springs, GA 30127).  Kirby Bartlett-Sloan (TVKirby) will be our special guest next week and will be telling us all about Westfest.  I'm sure he'll have lots of pictures and stories to share.  Did you go to Westfest, too?


Our chapter was started in January 2008.  The only requirement to belong to our chapter is to become a member of the national NFFC organization.  If you are already a member of the NFFC, you can just send me your mailing address and phone number and I'll add you to our chapter membership.  The same is true for any of your friends or family that would like to join our chapter.  We don't have any chapter dues this year, but this is something that the chapter can discuss for the future.  Also, children are welcome to attend our meetings.


If you need any help with directions to the clubhouse, just let me know.  Again, we'd love to have you join and attend as many meetings as you can.


See y'all real soon,

I also got a nice follow up with specifics on this weekends upcoming meeting, as much as I'd like i won't be able to attend but i'm hoping maybe in July I can especailly if i can find some other NC folks who would like to go and perhaps carpool. Here's that follow up with specifics on that meeting that happens in just a few days.

Dear Disney Fans,
Our June event is next weekend already.  We will meet on Saturday, June 14, from 7-10 pm at the Oakleigh subdivision clubhouse (4751 Oakleigh Manor Drive, Powder Springs, 30127).  Kirby Bartlett-Sloan is our special guest for this event and will be telling us all about his trip to the Disneyland Resort for Westfest.  Kirby will have lots of pictures and stories to share with us.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Westfest, it is an annual gathering of podcasters, Web site owners, and fans who belong to an internet community known as the Disney Podcast Network (DPN).
I hope you will all come to our event next weekend, even if you don't listen to Disney podcasts or participate in online forums.  Being Disney fans, I'm sure you will enjoy hearing the latest about the Disneyland Resort and seeing the pictures that Kirby will have.  As usual, your children are welcome.  Feel free to bring light refreshments to share and we will have cups and ice for the drinks you bring for your family.
Our chapter is moving closer to becoming an official part of the NFFC.  It's time to start recruiting new members and making some long-term plans for our group.  The more participants we have in our chapter, the more ideas we can generate for fun activities to do as a group.
Please let me know if you need help with directions to our meeting location.
See y'all real soon,
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