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Mickey's "Costume Change"

Recently as I've been getting organized about following Disney blogs, I've been going back and reading many older posts in some of the blogs I enjoy, one of those blogs is called 5 Kingdoms . 5 Kingdoms has an interesting angle on the Disney parks comparing the 5 Magic Kingdom style parks, and often taking one element of them and seeing how that element is executed in the five parks are all five very similar? do some of them have differences or lack this feature? or is this feature unique to just one park? Occasionally CheriBibi will stray from this format if it will provide an interesting post, one such post was on the evolution of the character costumes with a special focus on Mickey and Minnie :

Once the attire for these mice was perfected in the late 1970's the changes pretty much came to a halt, yes Mickey gets different outfits on occasion, but if you read her post you'll see that is not what she is speaking of. From some time in the 1960's until 1978 Mickey was generally seen in what I call his straight-legged look, in that the pants he wore looked as if they could be worn by you or me, as in pants any typical human might wear, but in 1978 his costume evolved to reflect his origins as a cartoon character made up of circles. The writer at 5 kingdoms wasn't quite sure of when that change was made, but I recalled hearing that it was tied to Mickey's 50th birthday, and I've got some postcard scans that support this memory, first here are a few cards from the mid 1970's before the change:


and here are a few 1978 or later images:


The pictures in this post are from the "History in postcards" side of my web site specifically the following pages:


but here's one last one for anyone who still has a doubt that Mickeys dud's had changed by the time of his 50th:

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