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Pat Terry Sr. and Pat Terry Jr. - follow up part I

After my post about Pat Terry Sr. and Jr. that stemmed from the postcard I found of them, Pat Junior was nice enough to send me a few items that illustrate a bit more about him, his dad and their work with Disney. over the next few weeks I'll be sharing these. I'm glad to say I was able to help Pat out a little with one of these items, in 2006 Pat Terry senior was inducted into the Banjo Hall of Fame, as a part of that a video was put together briefly summarizing his dads career, brief though it was it was a bit over 10 minutes, and Pat Jr. wasn't sure of a way to host it without a monthly fee, it is well know that youtube has free video hosting, with the limitation that videos posted cannot be more than 10 minutes long, many folks don't know that the OTHER video service Google owns, Google video, allows LONGER videos, and since I HAVE a google video account in addition to my you tube account , with Pat Juniors permission I posted the tribute there, not to go off on too much of a tangent here but the only thing i don't like about google video is there is no way that i know of to link to a nice list of all my videos there, if you watch one of my videos on google video there will be a tab on thegoogle video page that says "more from this user" but there is no way I have been able to find to open that list as its own page.

I believe that Pat would still like to do some editing on the video, like adding a "title" at the start of the video, so if any of you fans of the Disney parks out there have some video editing experience you might want to get in touch with him through his web site.
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