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Mousefest planning Spreadsheet


About a month ago I started my Mousefest planning in earnest, in fact looking back I had my room booked by the middle of September. Not as good a deal as in past years, but $46 a night isn't bad either. This years hotel is Holiday Inn, Main Gate East, we actually stayed at before, it was a ONE night, extension added on to the start of our trip for 2004 Mousefest (or was it 05?) before we moved to another hotel for the balance of our stay, I remember thinking at the time that it was it was a little bit borderline on getting run down, but I don't think it was a Holiday inn at the time and I've noticed driving past it on intervening trips that it looks like it's been spiffied up quite a bit. anyhow, booking the room only got me more interested in planning for Mousefest, so I kept on checking in on and when the schedules began to appear I began looking at them, and quickly realized that RADP was not yet on the schedule, so I went over to RADP and asked and they did give me a TENTATIVE schedule as of this writing the RADP site still lists Mousefest 2008 as "coming soon", but the RADP meets are now in the schedules, so you can verify the times for yourself there,  I worked with the tentative schedule to come up with some sort of plan, and have been revising and addding to it almost daily since then.

     I soon realized that I would NOT be able to fit everything in, the hardest thing to cut was the Christmas Party, I really wanted to catch the Rusty Cutlass pirate band, and they only play at the Pirate and Princes, and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Parties, and I knew I wanted to do the DPN Yehaa Bob meet Thursday night, and the Mouseplanet and RADP meets on Sunday night, while getting this post together i looked again at the listings for the Christmas Party and I see that not only is the MCMVP being offered on Thursday and Sunday nights as I had thought but ALSO Friday night as well, so I may have my first change for the revision of the scedule shown above, if so then I will pass on the Ho, Ho, Ho lotta lights.

As you can see from this list I plan on arriving the day before Mousefest starts and enjoying some of Epcot, which has gotten the least time from me the past few Mousefests, I want to catch the World Showcase Players version of "A Christmas Carol" and see some of the Christams around the World stoytellers, catch some of the live entertainment at Biergarden and see an early showing of the Candlelight processional, before going to Ft. Wilderness to catch the Hoop Dee Doo revue, this will be a first for me, heck having two advance Dining reservations the same day will be a first for me too.

On Thursday, if Scott and Tracy of the Disney, Indiana podcast get into WDW early the Thursday of Mousefest then the Piano mans first or second set might be a kind of unofficial meet, then I MIGHT hear over to the contemporary for the chairmans opening, if not then I'll probably get to Aloha Isle a bit before the official opening of the Dole Whip meet, and stick around until just before Clintons laugh floor meet at 3:30. After that meet I go to my THIRD reservation of the trip, and the first where my wife will actually be joining me, dinner at Citricos! and follow that up by hanging with the DPNers at the River Roost at Port Orleans French Quarter to catch Ye-ha Bob.

Friday It looks like most of the meets I attend will be with the RADP, especially since this year All Ears decided not to do the Kilamanjaro Safaris meet. I'd like to go to festival of the Lion King, but if I do I won't have time to catch any streetmosphere at the studios, so that part of the schedule is still up in the air, if I go to the MCMVP that will probably make this a fairly late night for the THIRD night in a row, so I'll just have to leave that off just so I can get some sleep between those LATE nights.

Saturdays schedule is sketched out in Big loose blocks, Mega meet (no plans to helps work any tables yet, but who knows), RADP chat time followed, by LTAD drink around the World, I'm one of the member podcasters and I want to stick around for the whole thing, but if time permits I really want to join my buddy Lou and all my DWT friends as well, I think it is likely much of the LTAD crew may join the "DWT family reunion". Bryan Ripper's great idea to have Jelly Rolls for an end of the night closer should make for a late close to the evening.

Sunday, again there were some hard choices, but it looks like RADP meets will dominate with a smattering of others, which seems to be a running theme for me! I think that mix should make for a very fun day.

Monday will be a special day, my wife has seen probably less than half of Epcot, and many of the things I think she would like the most she still hasn't seen, full days in the park tend to be a bit much for her she likes her Disney parks in small doses, so I'm trying to pick the things I think she will enjoy the most.

Thanks to Will from the Magic Never Ends, as I doubt i would have done a Master planning Spreadsheet without his inspiration.
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