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Postcard Discoveries - Finds on Flickr

Once in a while, as I look over the vast quantity of Disney materials on the internet I'll run into something I've not seen before, recently I saw some Disney World postcards I hadn't ever seen before on a flickr account, there were two different types of cards, and i certainly have seen cards of these types, but I hadn't seen these individual designs. They are all from the collection of a blogger who goes by the name of 9teen87, and her blog is at:

she uses her flickr account to host images of the postcards she uses on her blog:

I got her permission to use here images here too, she has three images from "suvey postcards" these cards are sent to guests after their trip and have an invitation to visit the Disney web site and enter a special number that takes you to a survey with questions, usually about the resort you just stayed at, and she has some really nifty ones of these, Since these are white cards and the edges can be hard to detect on a white background page, like this one, I've added a blue frame around each card. she's got one from The Grand Floridian, and she even included a bit of the text from the back of the card in the description:

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa - We have selected a small, but significant, cross-section of our guests for an important survey. To complete the questionnaire, please log on to the Internet web site below and enter the password printed on this card. - postmarked in Jan. 2007

An unusual card that rather than bearing a hotel logo it bears a Walt Disney World logo, though the bit of text she put in the description hints at the reason, it's more of a contact follow up card:
Walt Disney World Resort - Thank you for recently contacting the Walt Disney World Resort - postmarked 2006

Lastly is one that is technically not a Walt Disney World Card but of enough interest to most folks who would read this site that I'll include it here, and it seems to be a bit of a different category as well a "thank You Card she describes as follows:

Disney thank you card for taking one of their cruises - which I highly recommend! - 2006 

She has many kinds of postcards in her Flicker account including a fair number of WDW cards that I have, but there is at least one other WDW post card she has that I do not and here is her description of  it:

At This Rate You'll Be Dancing in Your Sleep!!

Disney's All-Star Resorts

Just $59.00 Per Night Puts You in the Middle of the Magic!

It's a dream rate at Disney's All-Star Sports and All-Star Music Resorts and it's available most nights between August 22 - September 30, 1999.

This advertising postcard was machine stamped 'Bulk Rate' in 1999

Once again Much Thanks to flickr user:

and visit her blog:
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