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How To Subscribe to this blog

I enjoy technology, but I'm not always that adept with it. As in I can usually figure things out but sometimes it takes me a very long time to get around to doing that figuring. One such case has been in figuring out how to subscribe to a live journal blog via and RSS or ATOM feed. I was late in subscribing to blog feeds anyhow, I only discovered a while back while I was trying out Firefox that when I clicked on one of these feed links in a blog I like (usually represented by a little ICON) a bookmarking page would pop up, not only that but it would give me the option to subscribe to a blog in a way that would put that blog in a bookmark toolbar right up there on the top of my screen, then when I hover over that bookmark it will show me a list of posts in that blog with a different symbol fro READ posts than unread one, I REALLY like this part as it makes it VERY  easy to see at a glace which blog posts I have not yet read!

Though I have yet to figure out how to do this in MSIE, that will be a project for another day.

anyhow I recently figured out that I can do this On live Journal too, here are links you can click on to subscribe to this blog:

  • Atom:
  • RSS:
I'll see if I can find a way to add these as a permanent link off to one side or the other of this page if not I'll probably just add at the end of each article swords to the effect of , as always you can subscribe to this blog via the following links:
  • Atom:
  • RSS:
(and that's the end of this post!)


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